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Passwords aren't the problem - we are

Posted by vosa on August 14, 2014

A billion stolen passwords or not, we can all benefit from exercising common sense when it comes to online security

The world is abuzz with news that a Russian hacker conglomerate may have stolen more than 1.2 billion email addresses and passwords

Majority of Kiwis suffer cyber security breach

Posted by vosa on August 7, 2014

More than 80 per cent of Kiwis who use the internet have experienced a cyber security breach, but only 39 per cent have then changed their online behaviour, new research shows.

The study results were released today to coincide with the start of Connect Smart Week, formerly Cyber Security Week, aimed at raising awareness of cyber security.

The research, commissioned by the National Cyber Policy Office (NCPO), found 35 per cent of online Kiwis hardly ever change their passwords, and 34 per cent don't have passwords on their smartphones, despite the high risk of devices being misplaced or stolen.

Paying bills with the blink of an eye

Posted by vosa on August 7, 2014

Technology being developed in Auckland will in future allow Kiwis to pay their bills just by looking at them.

Mobile payment developers Fiserv demonstrated their software using Google Glass in Auckland today.

A voice command, three gentle taps on the side of the device and holding the bill up to the glasses is all it takes to make a payment.

How do you get something off Google?

Posted by vosa on August 7, 2014


Every internet user has googled themselves at least once - if you say you haven't, you're lying. And typing your own name into the search engine generates conflicting emotions: anxiety and excruciating excitement. What will I find? Will I be first on the list of results? Will that photo of me with two cigarettes stuffed up my nose still be the top image?

But what happens if we stumble across something we consider to be irrelevant or outdated, or even something that might infringe on our privacy?

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